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This church is an independent local congregation of Christians, i.e.,believers who have been baptized into Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and who are committed to live by faith in Christ. We are joined together to serve God and to encourage each other to become more faithful to Christ. We seek no affiliation larger than this local congregation. When we have the opportunity to cooperate with other congregations of the Lord's people, these cooperative efforts are always done in a way as to protect the independence of this local church.
We all earnestly desire to come to a full understanding of the teaching of Christ. While we work together toward this goal, we agree to be in subjection to one another in matters of opinion and not to be contentious about matters we may differ on. Our joint action is based on those things that we all agree the Bible teaches a local church is authorized to do. At the present time we collectively participate in the following areas:

We actively support the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this local area, and when we are able, support teaching efforts in other areas. We also strive to develop each individual's abilities to teach the gospel.

We are earnestly committed to learning the word of God and teaching it to our children. Willing, qualified teachers are supported by the congregation in this effort. We have developed study plans covering all levels of spiritual maturity. These are available for inspection. Specifically, the following classes are presently offered:

We assemble each first day of the week as did the first century Christians, to encourage each other unto love and good works, and to worship the God of heaven by praying, singing, partaking of the Lord's Supper, contributing into the works of the church, and publicly teaching His word. During these weekly assemblies, physical or spiritual needs of the members of the local congregation are made known, in order that we might serve our brethren and relieve them in any way possible.

Since this congregation has no elders at present, our collective action is determined in monthly meetings of the entire congregation. In order to efficiently accomplish the Lord's work, certain individuals are assigned specific responsibilities. These individuals then report back progress to the congregation.

This church is willing and able to care for its own members and other needy Christians. However we are also aware of the responsibility of the individual to care for the needs of his own family so as not to burden the church. We encourage Christians to support their own, while this church uses its resources to care for Christians with no family to relieve them.

Individual Christians in this congregation have always been interested in the plight of their fellow man and will continue to care for those outside of Christ who need help with legitimate physical needs as personal funds will permit.

To help prevent the necessity of restoring or disciplining members, the vast majority of our effort are preventative measures. The teaching program, assemblies, and our working together are intended to help us remain committed to Christ and His Word, thereby living more faithfully to Him. Still, we recognize a person's right to make his own choices. If a member chooses to stop striving to live by faith or refuses to walk in subjection to the word of God and rejects all efforts to be restored, this church will withdraw fellowship. This action applies moral force to the sinner so that repentance can take place and Christs' church be cleansed.

1. IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN, and you are considering joining the disciples here (Acts 9:26), and can be committed to the work we are doing to the best of your ability, we invite you to join us. You can do so by making an announcement to that effect at the conclusion of one of our services or by making your desires known to one of the members, who will inform the congregation. Work sheets are available on different types of recurring jobs to help you see where you can work with us.
2. IF YOU HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWN FROM BY ANOTHER CONGREGATION, we do not recognize another congregation's actions as binding on us, as we are only bound by God's word. However, lets study the issues so we may follow God's word in the matter and not man's.
3. IF YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN, we would like very much to study with you and present God's plan to you as revealed in the New Testament. Please contact one of the members and arrangements will be made for a class at a time convenient for you.

(NOTE: This Introduction is not conceived of by us, nor should it be by anyone else, as a creed, i.e., a doctrinal standard of belief for the Christians in this congregation. Rather it is a statement of what we are presently doing, to inform those who may be interested in joining our collective activity of learning and obeying God's word. We work and edify each other here with open hearts, open minds and open bibles.)

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