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Quiz On Men Of The New Testament

Please answer with book, chapter & verse

1. Who led the way to the place of the last supper?

2. Who was husband of Mary the mother of Jesus?

3. How was John the baptist clothed?

4. What other Book was written by the author of the third Gospel, and to whom did he write both Books?

5. Distinguish between Zacharias & Zachariah.

6. Who said that Christ would baptize with the Holy Ghost?

7. Who was “the voice of the one crying in the wilderness”?

8. Who was Timothy?

9. Who were the Magi?

10. What Greek convert did Paul once take with him to Jerusalem?

11. What NT character was a Nazirite?

12. Of what NT character was it foretold that he should have the spirit & power of Elijah?

13. What three Bible characters were let down through the windows over city walls?

14. Who said to Christ. “If thou wilt, thous canst make me clean”’?

15. Who succeeded Herod the great as ruler of Judaea.

16. Who’s preaching is condensed into the words, “Repent ye: for the kingdom of God is at hand”?

17. What man when healed by Christ, was bidden to rise, take up his bed, and go home?

18. What Jewish ruler visited Jesus by night?

19. To whom did Christ announce a necessity for a new birth?

20. What saintly man in the temple blessed the infant Jesus.

21. Who was Annas?

22. Who was the Emperor of Rome during Christ’s ministry?

23. Who was the Governor of Judea during Christ’s ministry?

24. Who ruled over Galilee during Christ’s ministry, and what was his title?

25. Which Herod cast John the Baptist into prison, and why?

Answers to this quiz of Men in the NT

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