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Quiz on Women Of The NT

(Please answer with book, chapter & verse)

1. Who in Europe was the first to become a Christian?

2. Who was Elisabeth?

3. Distinguish between Anna & Hanna of the OT.

4. Who called herself “the handmaiden of the Lord”?

5. To whom did the risen Christ show Himself first?

6. Who “kept all these things and pondered them in her heart”?

7. Who was Herodias?

8. To what woman did Jesus,when she spoke of the Messiah declare "I that speak unto to thee am He”

9. Who was Sapphira?

10. To whom did Christ say, “Talitha cumi”?

11. Who was Salome

12. Under what Queen did the Ethiopian treasurer serve?

13. What was Dorcus’s other name?

14. What women obtained from Christ, her daughters health by her wit and humility.

15. Out of what woman did Christ cast seven devils?

16. What did Pilate’s wife do during the trial of Christ?

17. Who was Phebe?

18. How long a sickness did the woman have who touched the hem of Christ’s garment?

19. Who was Rhoda?

20. While Peter was in Prison, in who’s house was the prayer meeting held.

21. In what village did Mary and Martha live?

22. Who anointed Christ’s fee with spikenard?

23. With whom did Paul lodge at Corinth, and why?

24. What christian leader had four daughters that were prophets?

25. Who was Bernice?

Answers for Quiz on Women of the New Testament

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